Services - Freezer Storage

Located near Pearson international Airport

Everest Freezer storage facility is located close to Pearson International Airport which makes it the perfect choice for storing your freezer products for faster and more reliable distribution to your customers. 

We have large facilities for frozen goods storage which allows Everest Freezers the flexibility to manage & store stock for any sized business and any quantity of frozen goods. 


  • Seafood
  • Pastries
  • Meat Products
  • Imported & Manufactured Goods
  • Machinery
  • Canned Goods
  • Rubber Goods
  • Paper & Plastic Goods
  • Beverages & Wine
  • Food Products


Freezer Services Offered:

  • Palletized Storage - Short or Long Term


  • Carton Picking

  • Container De-stuffing / Loading


  • Cross Docking Facilities

your benefits

Everest Freezers state of the art freezer warehouse equipment can reach temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius which will help your products stay at your preferred temperature.

We are also able to offer you our other services with all your stored frozen goods such as stock picking and delivery to any Province in Canada. As we are able to offer our freezer storage, picking and transport services from the same premises this helps to ensure that your frozen products will stay at their optimal temperature and freshness at all times.


Everest Freezers has the flexibility to tailor solutions to the needs of individual clients.