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Storage Services

Our name says it all. At Everest Freezers we specialise in large-scale cold storage and cold storage distribution for a wide range of service and products.

Flexible frozen, Cooler, and Dry storage options

Freezer Service

Everest Freezers offers end-to-end cold services at our fully racked temperature-controlled cold storage warehouse located in Mississauga, Ontario. We provide large-scale refrigerated storage and cold storage distribution for food manufacturers and importers and exporters.

With a 3,000-pallet cold storage (-16 to -20) and 1,000 pallet Cooler storage ( 0 to +5) warehouse we are equipped to service large to medium commercial clients.

With a state-of-the-art, fully racked cold storage warehouse, Everest Freezers offers a range of comprehensive services including Freezer Storage and refrigerated storage. 

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Cold / Reefer Logistics

As part of our comprehensive Everest Freezers cold storage services, we can help with the logistics of your shipment to or from our temperature-controlled warehouse. This includes organising transport and loading or unloading trucks.

Temperature-Controlled Warehouse

At Everest Freezers, the flexibility provided by our temperature-controlled warehouse gives us the ability to provide premium freezer storage services in the GTA. We can offer adjustable freezer storage space for a variety of goods. Our freezer storage is capable of achieving sustained temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius.
  • 3000 pallets of freezer storage
  • 1000 pallets of chilled storage
  • 2000 sqm chilled cross dock area
  • 9 temperature controlled ‘Igloo style’ docks
  • Automated dock levelers
  • 5 separate storage chamber
  • 100 to 1000 pallet capacity
  • Pick, Pack and Dispatch (pallets and cartons
  • Slip sheet loading & unloading
  • Import / Export services
  • Sample storage for sales reps/brokers
  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Labelling/Stickering
  • HACCP accreditation
  • Variable storage temperature
  • Short and long term storage solutions
  • Loading/unloading 20’ and 40’ containers
  • Scheduled stock rotation
  • Scheduled stock takes
  • Palletization and shrink-wrapping
  • 24 hour surveillance monitoring with CCTV
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