3Pl Technology

3PL Technology

In order to provide the best possible cold storage distribution and cold storage warehousing services in Canada, we ensure we stay up to speed with the latest technologies. At our controlled warehouse, we use the best technology available, enabling efficient and effective warehouse operation. Our 3PL Technology offers the most powerful - and the most affordable - WMS solutions in the Cloud. Our software allows you to grow your business while paying only for the technology you use. 

  • Scanning

    All products that go into our temperature-controlled warehouses for cold storage, freezer storage or dry storage are scanned into our system. This system allows Everest Freezers to keep track of your goods for efficient reporting, loading and freighting.

  • Warehouse management

    Our warehouse management system, or computer-based tracking of stock, operates in real time on a radio frequency. This means our clients’ products are organised and tracked.

  • Online Reporting

    If required by a client, we can provide real-time, daily online stock reports to provide peace of mind that stock is where it should be and being kept in the appropriate environment.